Part Name   Manufacturing process Vendor Quantity Material Cost Vendor Lab Cost
Part Number   OEM Parts        
Date            Parts         
Qty. per Engine   Stamping        
OEM   Casting        
Drawing No.   Forging        
Standard Sizes::   Raw material        
Assembly Part No.   Machining        
Material Grinding        
Rub. Compound   Inspection        
Heat Treat Nitride   Plating        
Bending   Transportation        
Balancing                           to Rev         
Magnaflux     Rev to         
Zyglo   Should part be reviewed?        
X-Ray      Price         
Plating      Design         
Coating      Obsolete        
Die No.   In-house Process        
Die cost   Machining        
Pattern No.   Drilling        
Pattern Cost   Tapping        
Jigs/Fixtures   Fabrication        
Design   Cleaning        
Engineering   Coating        
Consulting   Honing        
Prototype   Balancing        
Tooling property of   Casting weight        
Tooling maintenance            
Tooling life expect.