Language: Tolowa-Galice
Family: Pacific Coast Athapaskan
Stock: Athapaskan
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwestern
Speakers 0
     The Dakubetede were a sedentary hunter/gatherer tribe of Oregon's Applegate River.  The Pacific Coast Athapaskans arrived in the area late in the first millennium from Canada.  The tribe was placed, with others, on the Coast Reservation as a result of the Rogue River Wars, and later were removed to the Grand Ronde Reservation where they confederated with other tribes.
Aboriginal Locations
OR Estimates of number of villages vary, but 3 is a likely number 
Oregon Present Locations
Confederated Tribes of Grand Rond
Year History
1841 Influx of Oregon Trail settlers began, conflicts followed
1847 Measles epidemic
1853 Rogue River gold discovery
1855 Rogue River War began with Lupton Massacre followed by Capt. John Rampage killing up to 40 Whites ... the Galice attack, and battles at Hungry Hill and Black Bar
1856 Gold Beach Uprising, 12 Indians killed at Massacre Rock, up to 30 killed at Meadows Battle, Indians surrendered after Battle of Big Bend, 1,200 moved to the Coast Reservation
1875 Removed to Grand Ronde Reservation
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 * NAHDB calculation 
1800 * NAHDB calculation
1900 0 NAHDB calculation
2000 0 NAHDB calculation
*  Said to be a small tribe, nowhere are they separately enumerated from other are Athapaskan tribes
Other speakers of the same language:
Chasta Costa, Coquille, Tlaushtuntude, Tututni, Umpqua
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