Common Name Latin Name Type H X W Ornamental Value
Angelita Daisy Hymenoxys acaulis, prev. Tetraneuris acaulis P 1' X 1' Long blooming yellow flower
Apache Plume Falugia paradoxa P 4' X 4' White rose-like flowers, pink plumed fruits
Baccharifolius Beardtongue Penstemon baccharifolius P 2' X 2' Red trumpet shaped flowers June through September
Bastard Sage Eriogonum wrightii P 2' x 2' Lacy flowers in spring, deciduous
Bisbee Peak Rushrose Helianthemum scoparium P 1' X 2' Yellow flowers March through July
Bitterroot Lewisia rediviva P 6" X 6" Mid-summer pink to white flowers, perennial
Blackfoot Daisy Melampodium leucanthum P 6" X 1' White one inch daisies
Bluedicks Dichelostemma capitatum P 6" Light blue flowers late winter to mid-spring
Bullgrass Muhlenbergia emersleyi P 3' X 3' Purple flowers June to November, clump grass
Bush Beardtongue Keckiella breviflora P 5' X 5' White flowers line with purple, pink, or red streaks in spring and fall, fragrant
Butterfly Milkweed Asclepias tuberosa P 2' x 1' Bright red or orange flower in mid-summer followed by attractive pods in fall
California Buckwheat Eriogonum fasciculatum P 18" to 3' Lacy flowers in spring
California Goosefoot Chenopodium californicum P 1' X 3' Showy leaves, flowers insignificant
California Evening Primrose Oenothera californica P 3' X 10' White to pink fragrant flowers
California False Indigo Amphora californica P 6' x 6' Small purple flowers on 3 inch spike, fragrance of guava, pineapple, lavender
California Fuchsia Zauschneria californica P 3' X 5' Red flowers from mid-spring to early winter
California Melic Melica imperfecta P 2' X 8" Clump grass, prefers shade, does well under large trees
Chocolate Daisy Berlandiera lyrata P 1' X 1' Yellow daisies almost all year
Cliff Goldenbush Ericameria cuneata P 1' X 1.5' Showy yellow flowers late summer and fall
Colorado Four O'clock Mirabilis multiflora P 1' X 1' Green leaves, purple flowers in July and August
Deerweed Lotus scoparius P 3' X 3' Blooms all year, yellow flowers turn red once pollinated
Desert Alyssum Lepidium fremontii P 2' X 2.5' Fragrant white flowers March to May
Desert Bluebells Phacelia campanularia P To 2' Royal blue one inch flowers in spring
Desert Deathcamas Zigadenus brevibracteatus P 2' X 1' Cream colored flowers April-May
Desert Marigold Baileya multiradiata P 1' X 1' Yellow daisies almost all year
Desert Mariposa Lily Calochortus kennedyi P to 8" Orange, yellow, or white flowers from April to June
Desert Penstemon Penstemon pseudospectabilis P 2' X 2' Showy magenta (pink-purple) flowers in mid-summer
Desert Rosemallow Hibiscus coulteri P 4' X 2' Showy cream, tan, or yellow flowers March through November
Desert Sunflower, Goldeneye Viguiera deltoidea parishii P 3' X 3' Showy yellow flowers
Dwarf White Zinnia, Desert Zinnia Zinnia acerosa P 3" X 1' White flowers after rains
Eaton's Penstemon Penstemon eatoni P 3' X 2' Showy red flowers in spring
Feather Dalea, Feather Plume Dalea formosa P 1' X 2' Bloom fall through spring with small purple and white or cream flowers
Foothill Penstemon Penstemon heterophyllus P 2' X 1' Showy violet flowers in spring
Fragrant Evening Primrose Neriserenia camporum P 8" X 1' White to pale pink flowers in spring
Giant Sacaton Grass Sporobolus wrightii P 6' X 6' Pale pink fragrant flowers mid-summer to fall
Gilia Beardtongue Penstemon ambiguus P 2' X 2' Uniquely showy light-pink flowered species for its extravagant late spring display
Goldenback Fern Pityrogramma triangularis P 2' X 2' Attractive fern, black stems
Golden Stars Bloomeria crocea P 2' Bright yellow flowers in spring, goes dormant in summer
Gayfeather, Blazing Star Liatris spicata P 2' X 3' Late blooming lavender to purple flower
Globe Mallow, Desert Mallow Sphaeralcea ambigua P 2' X 3' Orange, pink, white, or lavender leaves mostly in spring
Golden Yarrow Eriophyllum confertiflorum P 2' Mat of bright yellow flowers
Gregg Dalea Dalea greggii S 1' X 6' Purple flowers in spring to fall, fragrant
Grinnell's Penstemon Penstemon grinnellii P 2' X 2' Showy pink flowers in spring
Hairawn Muhly Muhlenbergia capillaris P 3' X 4' Purple to pink flowers on September to November, clump grass
Indian Milkweed Asclepias eriocarpa P 3' X 1' Yellow flowers and red fruits, butterfly magnet
Indian Ricegrass Oryzopsis hymenoides P 2' X 1' Cream or tan flowers in spring, goes dormant with summer heat, popular for dry flower arrangements
Indigo Bush Amorpha californica P 6' x 6' Violet flowers in spring, fragrant, attracts butterflies
Jimson Weed, Datura, Toloache Datura wrightii P 2' X 2' Showy white or off-white 6 to 8 " flowers in spring, summer and fall
Kaweah River Bush Monkey Flower Diplacus calycinus P 3' X 3' White to yellow to orange flowers from March until July
Lewis Flax Linum lewisii P 3' X 3' Lavender flowers spring until summer
Longleaf Indian Paintbrush Castilleja subinclusa P 3' X 2' Red flowers spring through summer
Mariola Parthenium incanum P 2' X 2' Gray-white, velvety, aromatic, drought and cold deciduous
Matilija Poppy Romneya coulteri P 3' X 2' Huge white flowers, yellow centers, May to July, fragrant
Mojave Verbena Verbena gooddingii P 1' X 1' Pale lavender-blue flowers from February to November, fragrant
Narrowleaf Milkweed Asclepias fascicularis P 3' x 1' White to off-white flowers July to October, butterfly magnet
Palmer's Penstemon Penstemon palmeri P 2' X 1' Showy pink flowers in spring, aromatic
Paper Flower Psilostrophe cooperi P 1' X 2' Yellow flowers bloom early in spring and last for a long time eventually turning into dry and paper-like
Parish's Bluecurls Trichostema parishii P 3' X 3' Showy blue fragrant flowers in spring
Parry's Penstemon Penstemon parryi P 3' X 2' Rose-pink flowers in spring
Pineleaf Penstemon Penstemon pinifolius P 1' X 1' Showy red flowers in late spring, summer
Pine Muhly Muhlenbergia dubia P 3' X 3' White flowers on August to September, clump grass
Pink California Fuchsia Zauschneria californica Pink P 2' Pink flowers spring through fall
Pipestem Clematis Clematis lasiantha P To 20' Small white to tan blooms late spring to mid-summer, vine to 20 feet
Prince's Plume Stanleya pinnata P 6' x 5' 3 foot yellow flower spikes bloom April through September
Purple Nightshade Solanum xanti P 3' X 3' One inch blue to purple flowers bloom from late winter to early summer
Purple Threeawn Aristida purpurea P 3' X 3' Bunch grass, purple blooms April to October
Red Thistle Cirsium proteanum or occidentale P 6' X 1' Red flowers in spring, dies after it produces
Royal Penstemon Penstemon spectabilis P 3' X 2' Purple-blue flowers in spring
Sand Penstemon Penstemon ambiguus P 1' X 1' Green leaves, white flowers in spring
Scarlet Bugler Penstemon centranthifolius P 1' X 2' Showy red flowers in spring
Scarlet Keckiella Keckiella ternata P 3' X 3' Red flowers spring to summer
Side Oats Grama Bouteloua curtipendula P 2' Purple blooms summer to fall
Silver Lupine Lupinus albifrons P 5' X 5' Light blue to purple flowers in summer
Skeletonleaf Goldeneye Viguiera stenoloba P 2' X 3' Golden flowers after rains
Snapdragon Penstemon Keckiella breviflora P 6' X 3' Wonderfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers and elegant foliage
Snowflake Sage Salvia chionophylla P 1' X 6' Blue flowers spring and fall, evergreen gray-white ground cover
Southern California Grape Vitis girdiana P 9' x 30' White flowers in spring, blue fruit in summer, ground cover
Standing Cypress Ipomopsis rubra P 6' X 2' Red, orange, or yellow trumpet shaped flowers May through July (biennial)
Sticky Monkeyflower Mimulus aurantiacus P 3' X 3' White to orange to red flowers mid-spring to early summer
Sundrops Calylophus hartwegii v. fendleri P 1' x 2' Spring and summer clear yellow over night flowers turning pink in morning
Upright Prairie Coneflower Ratibida columnifera P 3' X 2' Showy brown, yellow, orange flowers May through October
Wavyleaf Soap Plant Chlorogalum pomeridianum P To 3' Summer white lilies, dies out in late summer
White Gaura, Whirling Butterflies Gaura lindheimeri P 18" X 2' Flowers used by butterflies and bees
White Sagebrush Artemisia ludoviciana P 1' X 3' Fragrant silver foliage, insignificant yellow flowers July to October
Woodland Strawberry Frageria vesca ssp. californica P 6' x 9' White flowers in spring, red fruit in summer, ground cover
Wooly Indian Paintbrush Castilleja foliolosa P 3' X 3' Showy orange to red flowers March through June
Woolly Paper Flower Psilostrophe tagetina P 1' X 1' Yellow flowers bloom early in spring and last for a long time eventually turning into dry and paper-like, fragrant
Yarrow Achillea millefolium californica P 3' X 3' White to near white, sometimes pink, flat topped cluster of small flowers from mid-spring to early winter, fragrant
Yellow Bush Snapdragon Keckiella antirrhinoides P 6' x 3' Wonderfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers spring and summer and elegant foliage