Typha latifolia File:Typha latifolia 02 bgiu.jpg
Common Name Broadleaf Cattail
Latin Name Typha latifolia
Native Habitat Riparian, in standing shallow water or very close
Soil Pond
Water Constant
Height X Width To 12 feet X 12 feet
Protective Mechanism None
Leaves Green, deciduous
Garden Suitability Ethnobotanical
Ornamental Value Impractical except in permanent water
Nature Value Erosion control, animal habitat, berries eaten by animals
Native American Uses Roots and young shoots eaten raw, roots dried and ground into a meal, pollen used to  make cakes and mush, stems peeled and eaten, roots and inner stalks baked in ashes and eaten, leaves used for matting and thatching, stalks used in making ceremonial bundles.
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