Common Name Latin Name Type  H x W Ornamental Value
Acton Encelia Encelia actoni S 3' X 3' Yellow flowers in spring and summer, fragrant foliage
Antelope Bitterbrush, Greasewood Purshia tridentata S 5' X 5' Fragrant with yellow flowers
Arizona Rosewood, Desert Rose Vauquelinia californica S 4' X 15' In place of oleander, shrub, hedge, or tree, may be pruned
Autumn Sage Salvia greggi S 3' X 3' Red flowers, aromatic
Baby Sage Salvia microphylla S 3' X 3' Red flowers, mid-summer to mid-fall
Baja Fairy Duster Calliandra californica S 3' X 4' Bright red blooms February to May, again in fall
Bamboo Muhly, Faury Bamboo Muhlenbergia dumosa S 18" X 3' Delicate flowers after rains
Banana Yucca, Datil Yucca Yucca baccata S 4' X 4' Green leaves, white, greenish, or redish flowers
Beargrass Nolina bigelovii S 4' X 3' Long grass-like leaves, white flowers
Big Berry Manzanita Arctostaphylos glauca S 10' X 6' White to pink flowers
Big Muhly Grass, Lindheimer's Muhly Muhlenbergia lindheimeri S 1' X 2' Purple to grey flowers in summer and fall
Birchleaf Mountain Mahogany Cercocarpus montanus S 12' X 4' White to pink fragrant flowers
Bird's Foot Cliffbrake Pellaea mucronata S 1' X 1' Fern-like, green fill or background
Black Sage Salvia mellifera S 1' X 1' Fragrant with lavender flowers
Bladderpod Isomeris arborea S 4' X 5' Yellow flowers almost all year
Bladder Sage Salazaria mexicana S 6' X 6' Pink and purple flowers with purple lip which evolve into a reddish or a pale yellowy bladder
Bovardia Bouvardia ternifolia S 4' X 3' Showy red trumpet shaped flowers May through November
Brittle Bush Encelia farinosa S 3' X 3' Yellow flowers blooming all spring
Blue Grama, Mosquito Grass Bouteloua gracilis S 16' Turf
Buck Brush Ceanothus cuneatus S 8' X 9' White to light blue flower in late winter to mid-spring
California Brickelbush Brickellia californica S 3' X 6' Insignificant pale yellow flowers with strong fragrance
California Lilac Ceanothus greggii vestitus S 6' X 6' White flowers in spring through summer
California Milkweed Asclepias californica S 3' X 3' Attractive deep purple flowers
California Prickly Phlox Leptodactylon californicum S 3' X 3' Pink/violet/lavender flowers late winter to mid-spring
California Sage Artemisia californica S 6' X 4' Silver evergreen foliage
California Trixis, American Threefold Trixis californica S 3' X 3' Showy yellow flowers
Canyon Silktassel Garrya veatchii S 6' X 6' Showy male flowers hang in long white catkins from the end of the branches late winter to spring
Chamise Adenostoma fasciculatum S 6' X 6' Tiny tubular white flowers in spring until July
Chia Salvia columbariae S 2' Light blue flowers
Chihuahuan Sage, Cenizo Salvia mellifera S 4' X 5' Fragrant with lavender to purple flowers
Chuparosa Justicia californica S 4' X 8' Long tubular red flowers from May through fall, deciduous
Cliff Rose, Mexican Cliffrose Purshia mexicana S 8' X 5' Fragrant white aromatic flowers with long yellow stamens
Cleveland Sage Salvia clevelandii S 4' X 4' Purple trumpet shaped flowers, evergreen, fragrant
Coffeyberry Rhamnus californica S 5' X 10' Greenish white to yellow flowers in spring, dark red fruit later
Creosote Bush Larrea tridentata S 6' X 6' Small yellow flowers, evergreen
Damianita Daisy Chrysactinia mexicana S 2' X 2' Yellow daisies, evergreen
Deergrass Muhlenbergia rigens S 3' to 4' Lacy flowers in spring
Desert Almond Prunus fasciculata S 3' X 3' Tiny, white flowers, not showy
Desert Bird of Paradise Caesalpinia gilliesii   S 4' X 4' Showy red and yellow flowers
Desert Bitterbrush Purshia glandulosa S 5' X 6' 1" yellow rose-like flowers in spring
Desert Broom Baccharis sarothroides S 6' X 6' Winter blooms, showy white flowers on female plant, cream colored on male
Desert Holly Atriplex hymenelytra S 3' X 3' Yellow flowers, red fruits, spring to fall
Desert Honeysuckle Anisacanthus thurberi S 4' x 6' Lovely orange to red flowers superficially resemble those of honeysuckles
Desert Lavender Hyptis emoryi S 8' X 8' Lavender flowers, minty fragrance in spring
Desert Sage, Purple Sage Salvia dorrii S 2' X 2' Blue flowers bloom late in spring , leaves fragrant
Desert Spoon, Sotol, Desert Candle Dasylirion wheeleri S 5' X 4' Yellow flowers on 15 to 20 foot stalks, silver to green evergreen leaves
Dwarf Coyote Brush Baccharis pilularis Var. pilularis S 1' X 12' Evergreen groundcover
Fairy Duster, Pink Fairy Duster Calliandra eriophylla S 4' X 4' Silver-green leaves, fragrant, pink to red duster blooms most of year
Hairy-leaf Ceanothus Ceanothus oliganthus oliganthus P 6' X 6' Whitish to blue to purple flowers in spring
Hairy Yerba Santa Eriodictyon trichocalyx S 6' X 6' White to purple flowers in spring
Howard McMinn Manzanita Arctostaphylos densiflora S 8 ' x 12' Small, white to pinkish white flowers, appearing from late winter to spring
Fourwing Saltbush Atriplex canescens S 5' X 5' Yellow flowers May to September, evergreen grey leaves
Fragrant Pitcher Plant Lepechinia fragrans S 6' X 6' Aromatic white to purple flowers blooming April to June
Grape Soda Lupine Lupinus excubitus S 4' X 4' Showy purple blooms May and June with fragrance of grape soda
Great Basin Sage, Big Sagebrush Artemisia tridentata S 4' X 4' Silver-green leaves, fragrant
Gregg Dalea Dalea greggii S 1' X 6' Purple flowers in spring to fall, fragrant
Littleleaf Ash Fraxinus greggii S 8' X 12' Pink flowers spring through fall
Little Leaf Cordia Cordia parvifolia S 8' X 10' White clusters of blooms March through November
Littleleaf Mock Orange, June Bride Philadelphus microphyllus S 1' X 1' Dark green leaves, small white flowers have fragrance of pineapples
Mojave Yucca Yucca schidigera S 5' X 4' Evergreen, white and purple flowers
Mormon Tea Ephedra trifurca or E. viridus S 4' X 6' Texture of stems, yellow flowers on males in spring
Mountain Desert Sage, Rose Sage Salvia pachyphylla S 2' X 2' Two-tone red and purple large flowers, evergreen grey-green leaves
Narrowleaf Yerba Santa Eriodictyon angustifolium S 3' X 3' White flowers in spring and summer
Nevada Jointfir Ephedra nevadensis S 5' X 5' Texture of stems, yellow flowers on males in spring
Nodding Needlegrass Nassella cernua or Stipa cernua S 2' X 3' Turf
Orange Bush Monkeyflower Diplacus aurantiacus S 3' X 3' One inch yellow to orange to scarlet flowers in spring, dormant in summer in desert
Our Lord's Candle Yucca Yucca whipplei S 3' X 4' Evergreen, white and purple flowers
Pink California Fucia Zauschneria californica Pink S 2' x 2' Eriodictyon trichocalyx
Pointleaf Manzanita Arctostaphylos pungens S 6' X 6' White to pink flowers in late winter to spring, red berries in summer
Red Barberry Berberis haematocarpa S 6' X 8' Fragrant yellow flowers, red berries, purple fall color
Red Yucca Nolina bigelovii S 3' X 3' Evergreen, red flowers
Rockspirea, Mountainspray Holodiscus dumosus S 8' X 5' White spray of flowers in July, fruits in October
Rubber Rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus S 3' x 2' Small yellow flowers in summer, cotton tufts in fall, grey leaves and limbs
Skunkbush Sumac Rhus trilobata S 5' X 5' Small white or yellow flowers, red berries, leaves turn reddish in fall, deciduous
Snowberry Symphoricarpos albus S 8' x 8' Small flowers (1/4 inch), pinkish-white, and bell-shaped, white fruit
Soaptree Yucca Yucca elata S 6' X 4' Green leaves, bell-shaped white flowers, limbs, dead leaves hang on limbs
Soapweed Yucca Yucca glauca Y 3' x 3' Bell shaped flowers, greenish white, pendulous, June to August
Southern Honeysuckle Lonicera subspicata denudata S 8' White to yellow flowers spring to summer, climbing
Spiny Hopsage Grayia spinosa S 2' X 2' Dark green to bright red leaves
Starleaf Mexican Orange, Fragrant Choisya dumosa S 18" X 3' White fragrant flowers after rains, fancy leaves
Sugarbush Rhus ovata S 15' X 20' Red and cream flowers in spring, red fruits in early summer
Texas Beargrass, Texas Sacahuista Nolina texana S 4' X 3' Long grass-like leaves, white flowers
Texas Ranger Leucophyllum frutescens S 6' X 6' Purple trumpet shaped flowers, evergreen silver leaves
Tree Poppy Dendromecon rigida S 8' X 6' Profuse bright yellow poppy flowers spring through fall
Turpentinebush, Larchleaf Goldenweed Ericameria laricifolia S 6' X 8' Fragrant yellow flowers, red berries, purple fall color
Utah Service Berry Amelanchier utahensis S 15' x 15' White flowers in spring, fruit in early summer, white bark
Violet Silverleaf Leucophyllum candidum S 5' X 5' Violet flowers February to May, silver-white leaves
Waterjacket, Anderson Wolfberry Lycium andersonii S 3' x 18" Light purple to nearly white flowers in early spring, red berries in fall
Whitebrush Aloysia gratissima S 6' X 6' White flowers March to November
White Sage, Bee Sage Salvia apiana S 3' X 3' White flowers, grey leaves, aromatic
Wooly Bluecurls Trichostema lanatum S 4' X 4' Blue-pink flowers in spring and fall, fragrant
Wooly Milkweed Asclepias eriocarpa S 3' X 3' Profuse large clusters of pink-white flowers
Yellow Butterfly Vine Mascagnia macroptera S 15' Bright yellow butterfly shaped flowers during hottest months