Ethnie: YUKI
Language: Yukian
Family: Yukian
Stock: Yukian
Phylum: Yukian 
Macro-Culture: Central California (some elements of the Northwestern California macro-culture)
Speakers 6      1990 Census
      The Yuki were a sedentary hunter/gatherer nation. Uncharacteristic of northern California tribes, the Yuki often had armed conflicts with their neighbors. They occupied the entire Eel River drainage above the north fork except for an area occupied by the Huchnom. They were all but exterminated by settlers.  Some believe that the Yukians were the first inhabitants of California.
Aboriginal Locations
Subdivisions:    Huititno'm, Onkolukomno'm, Sukshaltatano'm, Ta'no'm, Ukomno'm, Utitno'm, Witukomno'm
Present Locations
Groups With Recognition Petitions Pending
Year History
1838 Smallpox epidemic
1850 Gold rush, miners and settlers encroached onto territory, violence and genocide followed
1856 Nome cult Indian farm established at Round Valley
1862 Squatters took over 80% of reservation, massacred 45
1871 Episcopal mission founded at Round Valley, day school started; began to practice Ghost Dance
Year Population Source
1700 2,000 NAHDB calculation
1770 2,000 Kroeber estimate
1800 2,000 NAHDB calculation
1864 300 ARCIA
1870 238 ARCIA
1880 168 Census
1900 100 NAHDB calculation
1910 95 Census
1910 100 Kroeber
1937 50 Foster estimate
1973 32 BIA
2000 100 NAHDB calculation
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